What the Program is Not

What the Program is Not

Some spouses resist the idea of attending the program, out of concern that it is “just another [fill in your own blank].  Some resist it because they are concerned that they will be under some sort of pressure, or that they will be required to expose their personal lives.  None of this is true.  In fact, the program is entirely unique, and most couples find that this is the very thing that worked when all else failed. Some couples think their problems are not bad enough, or that they are too bad for this to help.If your marriage is struggling even a little, or you are at the point of divorce, Retrouvaille can help. Be it lack of communication, an affair, addiction of any kind, or just that you have grown apart… Retrouvaille offers a safe space that has helped tens of thousands of couples, both as a couple, and individually.  We are told constantly that this is one of the best kept secrets in the world, and regularly comment that they wish they had done the program long before they did; That it would have saved them so much pain and anguish.

It is NOT a Retreat, Seminar, or Social Gathering

This is not a kumbaya marriage retreat by any means.  It is a structured program deigned to help you and your spouse learn communication skills that will put you in tune with one another.

This is not a vacation weekend for the two of you, but rather a program to help your marriage get back to where it was meant to be.  You will be working on your marriage and communication skills, and there will be very little downtime during the weekend.  Our goal is to help your marriage, not to provide retreat.


It is NOT Marriage Counseling

There are no marriage counselors in the program.  This is a peer ministry, presented by couples that have been through it. The team couples are volunteers, who have experienced disillusionment, pain, anger, and conflict in their own marriages.

They offer hope as they share their personal stories of struggle, reconciliation and healing.  You will find courage and strength in the realization that you are not alone in your struggle.

The interaction is between you and your spouse, not a counselor.  There is no mediating of any kind.  In fact, while a marriage counselor asks you to share your troubles with them, you will never share your stories with anyone in Retrouvaille.. 


It is NOT a Sensitivity Group

This is not a program with the goal of making people more aware of their own prejudices and more sensitive to others.  The weekend is about you and your spouse, and nothing more.

We do not have group activities, team building, or any other shared participation exercises that try to change you or make you into something you are not.  Rather, it is about you understanding your spouse, and your spouse understanding you.

It is unlike anything you may have seen on TV or the movies, or any other conventional program you are likely to have tried or heard of in the past.


It is NOT Group Counseling

While there are other couples in the program, it is by no means group counseling.  You will not be asked to share your problems with anyone else. There are neither group dynamics nor group discussions on the weekend.

You will most likely not even learn the names of other couples during your weekend, and 100% of the two-way communication is between you and your spouse..


It is NOT for Profit 

Consider these facts about Retrouvaille:

  • It is a grass-roots, volunteer-run organization by couples that have been through the program, at every level.
  • Retrouvaille has Canonical Recognition by the Vatican, and is endorsed by every diocese in which it operates.
  • There are no offices, and no payroll whatsoever.
  • Every volunteer in the organization has been through the program, meaning that they, too, have been in marriage crisis, and reached the awakening stage through Retrouvaille.
  • All of our expenses are paid strictly by donations.
  • We receive no financial aid from the Church, and 100% of our income goes right back into the program, especially to help Retrouvaille programs in underprivileged communities and couples that cannot afford the registration fee.
  • Our growth and success is a direct result of marriages that have been saved through our program, rather than income generated.
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